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Shopping & Leisure Centres, Entertainment

Retail, Mixed-Use Projects,

Sustainable Development



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Development Strategies Feasibility Studies Concept Development
Market Research Due Diligence Reports Assessments & Audit Reports
Legal Issues Concept Design Team PR, Marketing & Letting
Business Plans & Financing Management Systems Technical Design Team
Tendering Operation Interim Management
Media & Training Project Information Systems Handbooks
Sustainable Development Renewable Energy

Strategic Development Services from Start to Finish:

Site    >>    Concept    >>    Technical Design    >>    Construction    >>    Operation


Our experienced senior consultants from different professions offer our clients the services of integrating the often fragmented aspects from legal issues, to concept design, PR, financing, management, letting, technical design, to completion, operation and selling all or parts of their successful project.

We advise clients at all stages of a project from setting up the client’s project team to interim management.

We are working with local and international experts, agents, architects, engineers and other professionals. Our work will allow clients to organise their teams and projects more efficiently. All project team members will feel more integrated and work will flow more smoothly and faster. Clients will gain a clear overview and full control of their projects resulting in saving time, cost and increasing quality.

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Development Strategies

We produce and implement Development Strategies for Projects and for Companies. All relevant aspects will be structured to the specific needs of our Client, their Project and Team.

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Feasibility Studies

We produce Feasibility Studies for Retail and Mixed-Use Projects in a team approach with other experts to provide consistent and full Reviews as required by international Clients, Investors and other interested Parties.

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Concept Development

We produce Concept, Master Plans and Lay-outs for Retail and Multi-Use Projects. We also assist advice and review concepts. We can assess or help to improve concepts during Design Development and at any later stage during construction or operation.

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Market Research

We define the research needs for our Clients in the specific context of their projects to ensure it is relevant and understandable for the Project Team Members and all other interested parties.

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Due-diligence Reports & Advice

We provide Due Diligence Reports on all aspects of Retail and Mixed-Use Project in respect of Concept, Planning and Architectural Execution for projects in planning, under construction and completed for a number of international investors.

We also offer clients who want to sell a project our services to assist in producing efficient documentation required by international investors in the due diligence process.

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Assessments and Audit Reports

We provide Assessments and Audit Reports at all Stages of a Project in Development, Construction or Operation.

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Legal Issues

We recommend Strategies for using highly professional Legal Advice for all Stages of the Development Process from Site Acquisition to standard Letting contracts. We can recommend lawyers and help in the selection process.

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Concept Design Team

We advice and often lead the Concept Design Team as Client Representatives

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PR, Marketing and Letting

We expect to work on Projects where experienced experts for PR, Marketing and Letting are involved. If not already selected, we develop strategies and assist in finding the right experts for the location, the project and the best impact.

Business Plans and Financing

Without a Business Plan Financing will be hard to find. We can provide Business Plans and expect them to be set-up in order to test the many variables typical in Retail and Mixed-Use projects.

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Management Systems

We provide tailor-made systems for the Management of highly dynamic Retail and Mixed-Use Projects based on the specific Needs of our Clients and their Projects.

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Technical Design Team

We set-up the Technical Design Team, the Information and Work Flow Systems and if required we can manage the Team for our Clients.

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During Tendering we advise our Clients about the required documentation, different processes of tendering and working with Contractors, evaluation of bids, contractual aspects and due-diligence on those submitting tenders.

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Once a Retail or Mixed-Use project is operational we can provide a range of Services to monitor and improve the Performance of the project.

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Interim Management

We can provide Interim Management for our Clients at any Stage of a Project.

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Media & Training, Publications & Presentations

We contribute to text books and professional magazines. We also provide training and presentations during major conferences (Adam Smith, C5, etc.), Seminars (RCSC, etc.) and to Companies for the professional development of their staff (CPD).

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Project Information Systems

We develop and customise project information systems for clietns who wish to b e able to have all their project information available on an internal system for easier management overview and control. These systems are often integrated with the handbooks, online training, company knowledge and closed staff discussion systems.

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We produce handbooks for developers to standardise various parts of their organisations from simple internal administrative procedures to frameworks of how to structure the entire development process. Usually these handbooks are available online for the clients organisation through fully protected internet or intranet sites.

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Sustainable Development

To many companies this has become a topic they have to have on their agenda. The management of sds-i have been on the forefront of ecological design since the 1980s when Christian Cuhls studied Ecological Design and won already awards for healthy buildings from sustainable materials, with grass roofs and natural materials throughout.

We are not following just a trend, we are using sustainable development as a unique feature to reduce life cycle cost, actual running and maintenance cost, construction cost and to provide a healthy environment for tenants, visitors and the neighbourhood.

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Renewable Energy

The world needs to reduce its carbon footprint. Nothing will happens unless we start. sds-i has been advising a number of companies producing a range of systems to reduce or eliminate CO2. Recently we have been advising a company developing a rotation heat generator (proRotaTherm).

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