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Strategic Development Services

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Shopping & Leisure Centres,

Retail, Entertainment & Mixed-Use Projects,

Sustainable Development & Renewable Energy

Who we are ...

A team of senior Consultants from a range of professions
including Architecture, Legal and Financial Services, M&E
and other engineering services, Centre Management, ...

What we do ...

We provide Strategic Development Services for Shopping
Centres, Retail, Leisure, Entertainment and
Mixed-Use Projects.

Where we work ...

Our services are offered internationally with a focus on
Europe and CEE (Russia, Ukraine & the Baltic’s). 

Where we are based ...

Our head office is in London, England with subsidiaries in Germany and Spain.

Who is responsible ...

The Managing Director is Christian Cuhls.

Our languages ...

We work in English, German and we use Russian & Spanish to communicate.

Our philosophy ...

Please”, “Thank-You” and “Sorry” - the three magic words.

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